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"Art invades the SeaWall"

Paredão_LuMourelle 7.jpg

May-20 to Jun-30 / 2024

Armazéns do Chiado

Lisbon, Portugal

Lu Mourelle exhibits at Armazéns do Chiado in Lisbon. The exhibition celebrates the 25th anniversary of the reopening of the emblematic shopping center after the fire in the 1980s.

The artist creates characters full of self-confidence and strength. For these women, resilience and the power of transformation are fundamental to overcoming obstacles. Success is in the hands of those who believe!

"The ocean is our ally against climate change. It still feeds us. Let's respect and admire the power of the seas."

                                               Lu Mourelle

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The works are finished in digital art on acetate board. All works are based on handmade paintings.  The dimensions of the panels are 120cm x 100cm.

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