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from March 08 to April 03 - 2022

Castelo de Vide

Paços dos Concelho


The show is open from Monday to Sunday at Municipal Exhibition Hall  - emblematic building in the historic center of Castelo de Vide. 

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Eyes, mouth, hair and, many other elements shape faces and features. The physical aspects are added to the personality and personal characteristics that define each one of us. It's Lu Mourelle's endless study universe that combines strokes and colors to build her enchanted characters.

To represent her characters, the artist gathers experiences that go back to childhood and, of course, that caused enchantment. Everything is engraved in the mind and Lu Mourelle, even unconsciously, materializes these distant memories.    


Lu Mourelle invests in original shapes to demonstrate rich female personalities. Likewise, the treatment of colors is beyond the conventional. Thus, the women painted by the artist are not realistic, but they could be real. From this union between line and color, feelings and expressions are born that suggest different interpretations and capture the public's attention, as if by enchantment.    


In Lu Mourelle's world, there is beauty, magic, strength and purity. This set is the artist's driving impulse, who created “Divinais” with unpublished artworks specially produced for the exhibition in Castelo de Vide.

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