from September, 11 to November 14

Santiago Church

Rua de Santiago

Monsaraz - Portugal

The show is open every day from 9h30 am to 5h30 pm.

Santiago Church is a historic monument, and its original construction dates back to the Middle Ages. The Church maintains a magical aura even after the transformations over time -it is in this context that Lu Mourelle promotes a different marriage.


"These historic spaces must remain active and host events. We all win, especially the audience."

                                               Lu Mourelle


The union between idealized women, colors and feelings that go beyond the painting itself shows figures that seem to jump out of the canvas. They are characters with stripped, unrealistic features; perfect components for the visitor's imagination to fly. Thus, during the ceremony that takes place here, everyone can interpret the feminine under different experiences.


These women first fell in love with themselves and committed to happiness and satisfaction. Only then, full, they decided to follow paths accompanied by their peers, but also by friends, family, faith, studies, work and everything that makes them accomplished.