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"Art invades the SeaWall"

Vereadora Joana Balsemão

Women of the Sea

Cascais Promenade

Cascais, Portugal

this exhibition has ended

"The Women of the Sea" take place on the SeaWall, the emblematic promenade that borders the Atlantic Ocean. The artist has been invited by the Municipality of Cascais to feature an exclusive collection: oneiric representations that combine the feminine and maritime imagery.

"The ocean is our ally against climate change. It still feeds us. Let's respect and admire the power of the seas."

                                               Lu Mourelle

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These contemporary characters are like the sea, always capable of generating, provinding, welcoming and transforming. They hide mysteries like the watery depths and just like the tides are in incessant movement. 

Compared to the oceans, the feminine is also crucial for the balance and harmony of our planet.

Cascais - Lu Mourelle

The City Council of Cascais sponsors "Art invades the SeaWall" and presents different artistic approaches along the Cascais Coast. The focus is on landscapes, the sea and biodiversity, conveying a passion for sun, sea and sand.

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