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Lu Mourelle - visual artist - paintings

      Lu Mourelle's work is the result of her emotional baggage. Early used to integrate plural and diverse societies, Lu Mourelle dedicated herself to the fashion world before fully embracing the Fine Arts. From the studies of painting and life experience, she conceives rich women in personality and emotion - characters of atypical and contemporary beauty


         The artist is a member of the National Society of Fine Arts of Lisbon and continues her research to formulate compositions of colour allied to the original traits and multiple countenances. Lu Mourelle starts with deconstruction to strengthen faces and expression-laden looks. They are idealized. At the same time they are subjective figures, who transform the experience of the public into the contemplation of the feminine.

        Lu Mourelle's paintings travel to different corners of the world, loaded with a lot of sensitivity, vibration, humor, and personality. Each in its way, have beauty, character, and stories. In a continuous process of study, construction, and evolution, Lu Mourelle develops works based on everyday observations. In other studies, there are perceptions of the works of the masters that inspire her, and some pertinent re-readings on the subjects in question. In this sense, a special thanks to Manolo Valdés, Dominik Jasiński, Fashion Strokes Movement, Carlos Delgado, Ekaterina Koroleva, Max Sergeev, Jess Illustrator, Anna Matykiewicz, and Zhenya who contributed to the painter's artistic development, through free re-readings of some of their works.

          Lu Mourelle believes that all the components that surround us create the web that unites us and builds the scenario of a rich, vast, and heterogeneous universe, perceived from our own experience. She expects the arts playing a key role in preparing the world for its best, even if for that best interaction it needs to be redesigned over and over again, in a continuous process of construction and deconstruction.

           The artist was born in Campinas, São Paulo (1971). Nowadays she lives in Portugal and occupies a residence space in Cascais. Lu Mourelle Art Gallery is based at Citadel Art District.

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