Lu Mourelle


recent events


  • "Outras terras", Lu Mourelle Art Gallery, Portugal;

  • Paris 2020 - Salon International d'Art Contemporain, France;


  • XII Florence Biennale, Italy;

  • Salon International d'Art Contemporain Mulhouse, France;

  • XVIII Links of the International Portuguese Community, Lisbon, Portugal;

  • ARTe Wiesbaden, Germany (collective);

  • "Madames in tour", Lu Mourelle Art Gallery, Portugal (individual);

  • "Salão de Artes", National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon, Portugal;

  • Salon International d'Art Contemporain Lyon, France;

  • "Entre Salas & Salões", Lu Mourelle Art Gallery, Portugal (collective);

  • Salon International d'Art Contemporain Luxembourg (collective);

  • ARTe 2019  Messe Sindelfingen - Stuttgart, Germany (collective);

  • "Madames", Gallery Artist Samora Barros, Albufeira, Portugal (individual);

  • Palacete Quinta da Boeira Art and Culture, Gaia, Portugal (collective)

  • Salon International d'Art Contemporain Toulouse France (collective);

  • Salon International d'Art Contemporain Paris, France (collective);


  • "Fragments of themes"- Rodyner Gallery, Cascais, Portugal (collective);

  • "Show collection"- Joh Mabe Art Space & Culture, SP, Brazil (collective);

  • "Reencounters" - Galiarte, Lisbon, Portugal (collective);

  • "Diversities" - Geday Gallery - Algarve, Portugal (collective);

  • "Collective of visual arts" - Porto Art Gallery - Porto, Portugal (collective);

  • "Pairs" - Bank of Uruguay, São Paulo, Brazil (individual);

  • "Encounters" - Joh Mabe Art & Culture Space, São Paulo, Brazil (collective);

  • "Colors of SP" - Angels Art Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (collective);

  • "Secrets that São Paulo hides", Bank of Uruguay, São Paulo (collective);

  • "Art Calendar 2018" – Paulista Art Space, São Paulo, Brazil (collective).


  • "Art & Fashion" - Radisson Red, Campinas, Brazil (individual);

  • "Gratitude" - Fnac, Campinas, Brazil (individual).



   - Worldwide standout "Artist of the month - january 2018" - Carlson Rezidor Groupe.


News & Events

   - Three works published in the Calendar Art Calendar 2018, commemorating the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Ed. Create & Edit


Artist participating in the project "Ocupe.Arte - Valinhos - Stickers Album". A project funded by the state government of São Paulo and sponsoring companies.



*Lu Mourelle is a member of the National Society of Fine Arts in Lisbon.