recent events


  • "Salão dos sócios", National Society fo Fine Arts, Portugal (group);

  • "Femmina", Municipal House of Culture, Coimbra, Portugal (solo);

  • "Fragmented Fads" Exhibition; Lu Mourelle Art Gallery, Portugal (solo);

  • "Sem Limites", Fórum Maia, Maia, Portugal (group);

  • "We love colors", Lu Mourelle Art Gallery, Portugal (group);

  • Salon International d'Art Contemporain Art3F  Paris, France;

  • "Other Lands", Lu Mourelle Art Gallery, Portugal (group);


  • XII Florence Biennale, Italy;

  • Salon International d'Art Contemporain Art3F,  Mulhouse, France;

  • XVIII Links of the International Portuguese Community, Lisbon, Portugal;

  • ARTe Wiesbaden, Germany;

  • "Madams in tour", Lu Mourelle Art Gallery, Portugal (solo);

  • "Salon of Arts", National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon, Portugal;

  • "Coletiva de verão", Casino Estoril, Portugal (group);

  • Salon International d'Art Contemporain Art3F,  Lyon, France;

  • "Entre Salas & Salões", Lu Mourelle Art Gallery, Portugal (group);

  • Salon International d'Art Contemporain Art3F, Luxembourg;

  • ARTe 2019  Messe Sindelfingen - Stuttgart, Germany;

  • "Madams", Gallery Artist Samora Barros, Albufeira, Portugal (solo);

  • Palacete Quinta da Boeira Art and Culture, Gaia, Portugal (group)

  • Salon International d'Art Contemporain Art3F, Toulouse France;

  • Salon International d'Art Contemporain Art3F, Paris, France;


  • "Fragments of themes"- Rodyner Gallery, Cascais, Portugal (group);

  • "Show collection"- Joh Mabe Art Space & Culture, SP, Brazil (group);

  • "Reencounters" - Galiarte, Lisbon, Portugal (group);

  • "Diversities" - Geday Gallery - Algarve, Portugal (group);

  • "Collective of visual arts" - Porto Art Gallery - Porto, Portugal (group);

  • "Pairs" - Bank of Uruguay, São Paulo, Brazil (solo);

  • "Encounters" - Joh Mabe Art & Culture Space, São Paulo, Brazil (group);

  • "Colors of SP" - Angels Art Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (group);

  • "Secrets that São Paulo hides", Bank of Uruguay, São Paulo (group);

  • "Art Calendar 2018" – Paulista Art Space, São Paulo, Brazil (group).


  • "Art & Fashion" - Radisson Red, Campinas, Brazil (solo);

  • "Gratitude" - Fnac, Campinas, Brazil (solo).



   - Worldwide standout "Artist of the month - january 2018" - Carlson Rezidor Groupe.


News & Events

   - Three works published in the Calendar Art Calendar 2018, commemorating the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Ed. Create & Edit


Artist participating in the project "Ocupe.Arte - Valinhos - Stickers Album". A project funded by the state government of São Paulo and sponsoring companies.



*Lu Mourelle is a member of the National Society of Fine Arts in Lisbon.

Madames Exhibition
Exhibition Between Rooms & Salons
Exhibition ARTe Wiesbaden
Exhibition Between Rooms & Salons
Summer Collective Exhibition
Art3F Paris 2020
Other Lands Exhibition
Other Lands Exhibition
Exhibition ARTe Wiesbaden
Art3F Luxemburgo
Art3F Lyon
Sticker Album
Messe ARTe Sindelfingen
Couple Exhibition
Bank of Uruguay Exhibition
Joh Mabe Art & Culture Exhibition
Art3F Toulouse
CBN Radio Interview
Exhibition of Artists' Partners
Madames Exhibition
Exhibition Meetings
Art & Fashion Exhibition
XII Florence Biennial
XII Florence Biennial
Art3F Paris


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